On Tuesday September 5, in the afternoon, ANGELS System performed the final flight tests in Bresso City Airport, near Milano.

With the support of Elite Aviation, a provider of helitaxi, tourist flight and flight school services, we set up the ground station and the helicopter antennae, checking data up- and downlink.

The test was performed with a Robinson44 and followed a two-stage procedure, each stage lasting about twenty minutes; the procedure agreed with the pilot consisted in tracking the visual glide path with the aid of an iPad, during a flight over Milan along a trajectory that had been previously defined. It was an exciting and successful experience, and the system gave a brilliant performance. We would like to thank the team of Elite Aviation for willingness and support.

You can watch a short video of our flight here:

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Testing ANGELS on Como Lake

On Wednesday June 19 ANGELS System performed some field trials at Lido di Faggeto, a beautiful beach on Como Lake. The test aimed to check ADS-B communication and downlink to the ground station by reproducing helicopter movements with a boat.

With the support of the staff of Lido di Faggeto – Miamilaryo beach we set up a work station just by the lake, where we placed our antennas and installed the ground station; we then defined the test paths and set up the relative file. The whole procedure took about 3 hours.

In early afternoon, Mr Angelo Menara kindly provided us with his boat, and he’s been driving us around the mapped spots on the lake while checking the ADS-B signal via ANGELS App.

The test suggested interesting issues to be explored towards our first official helicopter mission in Riffgat offshore wind farm, that will involve Windpark Heliflight support.

We would like to warmly thank the whole staff of the beautiful Lido di Faggeto – Miamilaryo beach for the hospitality and the support; a special thanks goes to Mr Angelo Menara, for his time and his patience.

You can watch a short video of our boat ride here:

Next step: Riffgat Helidecks!



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On wednesday June 28 we held the first official ANGELS System presentation event at ComoNExT-Innovation Hub, and it was such a proud to us!

The event was intended for the industry, and it was organized with the patronage of Associazione Elicotteristica Italiana (AEI), which represents and supports the interests of italian companies operating in the helicopter sector since 1986. Vice-President Roano Grandi opened the session with an interesting speech on rotorcrafts facilities and infrastructures.

We talked about Horizon2020, including participation requirements and benefits of the Program. Mr Steffen Bechtel, Managing Director at Windpark Heliflight Consulting, informed the participants about Offshore Wind Operations in Germany, how it is done practically and about the specifics in offshore wind, outlining the reasons why a glide slope indication is necessary to approach a helideck inside a wind farm at night, and explaining why the present solution (HAPI) is not satisfactory, and ANGELS System could so represent a viable alternative.

The conference ended with an overview of ANGELS technical features and components, including inputs and outputs of the Ground Station and  operating principles.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming and showing interest in our project.

Stay tuned for further updates.

You can find videos of the event here:




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ANGELS drone test

On Tuesday March 09, ANGELS System successfully performed flight trials on a drone. The flights were carried by AERMATICA3D, which is the Drone Solution Provider that assembled the drone with ANGELS System Equipment.

AERMATICA3D realizes and operates integrated aircraft systems based on DRONES or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).

AERMATICA3D has been the first company officially authorized to fly small civil drones in not segregated airspace in Italy, opening by its developments the way to the whole regulated drone market. AERMATICA3D experimentations gave relevant contributions to ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) regulation and to the opening of the airspace for specialized operations by drones.


We asked AERMATICA to equip a drone with an ADS-B transmitter and a GPS antenna; the test aimed to check ADS-B communication and downlink in-flight. Further tests have been planned for the next week.
You can watch the video of the test here:


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PALU for Aero-News Network

We proudly mention some extracts of our interview for Aero-News Network about ANGELS during HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas:

<<High-Precision Instrument Guidance System Coming Soon To The Market… An Italian start-up company is working on an ADS-B-based technology to enhance safety of helicopter approaches and landings.>>


<<Angels is a precision, ground-based approach system. It downlinks data from the helicopter to the ground station, which makes a predictive elaboration of the data and uplinks it back to the aircraft giving lateral and vertical alignment. Pilots can use an iPad in the cockpit to present the data from Angels, or the aircraft’s cockpit displays can be utilized by the system on larger aircraft.>>

Read the full article or watch the video of the interview:

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First Precision Test

Yesterday, Tuesday 21 March, ANGELS System has undergone the first qualitative precision test, in order to track and evaluate the eventual deviation bands around helicopters moves.

In the park nearby ComoNExt (the technological hub in which PALU is incubated), we placed six bricks to mark the spots of the trajectory and glide path of our hypothetical helicopter; with the support of Blu Electronic, Ennova Research and GRed,we set up the ground station and the receiver, and then we started testing the matching between data represented on ANGELS app and those intercepted by the receiver, making movements and gaps in order to get precise measures of our distance assessment system. 

First results were encouraging, but systematic analysis still have to get done. In the meantime, we put to good use the experiences and the suggestions gained in HAI HELI Expo. 

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ANGELS System First Official Flight

On Tuesday February 21, PALU organized the first official helicopter flight with ANGELS System.

Captain Paolo Serini (Air Corporate Srl) made a flight on a wonderful Airbus 145 over the heliport of Bresso (Milan), in order to test ANGELS System App and Ground Station. The visibility conditions were quite good and the flight was great; we set up some cameras to film pilot’s operations and the functioning of the App. The video will be soon available online, and it has been shown during our first HAI HELI Expo in Dallas.

We are proud to confirm that ANGELS worked just fine, and Mr Serini gave us some useful suggestions about App information and display.

We’d like to thank Mr Serini for his kindness and availability.

Get ready, ANGELS will soon arrive on the market.

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