ANGELS drone test

On Tuesday March 09, ANGELS System successfully performed flight trials on a drone. The flights were carried by AERMATICA3D, which is the Drone Solution Provider that assembled the drone with ANGELS System Equipment.

AERMATICA3D realizes and operates integrated aircraft systems based on DRONES or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).

AERMATICA3D has been the first company officially authorized to fly small civil drones in not segregated airspace in Italy, opening by its developments the way to the whole regulated drone market. AERMATICA3D experimentations gave relevant contributions to ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) regulation and to the opening of the airspace for specialized operations by drones.


We asked AERMATICA to equip a drone with an ADS-B transmitter and a GPS antenna; the test aimed to check ADS-B communication and downlink in-flight. Further tests have been planned for the next week.
You can watch the video of the test here:


L’articolo ANGELS drone test sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.