PALU for Aero-News Network

We proudly mention some extracts of our interview for Aero-News Network about ANGELS during HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas:

<<High-Precision Instrument Guidance System Coming Soon To The Market… An Italian start-up company is working on an ADS-B-based technology to enhance safety of helicopter approaches and landings.>>


<<Angels is a precision, ground-based approach system. It downlinks data from the helicopter to the ground station, which makes a predictive elaboration of the data and uplinks it back to the aircraft giving lateral and vertical alignment. Pilots can use an iPad in the cockpit to present the data from Angels, or the aircraft’s cockpit displays can be utilized by the system on larger aircraft.>>

Read the full article or watch the video of the interview:

L’articolo PALU for Aero-News Network sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.

Military Helicopter crashes in Maryland

On monday April 17, a UH-60 Blackhawk military helicopter crashed at Breton Bay Golf Course in Leonardtown, Maryland, during a routine training exercise Monday; one crew member died and two others were injured, according to the US Army Military District of Washington.

The causes of the incident are currently under investigation.

The helicopter came down in a small patch of trees in between two golf holes, according to Kevin Bowen, who works in the club’s pro shop.

One witness, Garrett Bowles, told CNN he thinks the helicopter hit some trees as it went down. Another helicopter was at the scene when it crashed, Bowles told CNN.

Bianca Melton, a second witness, told CNN the helicopter looked like it stalled out before crashing.


L’articolo Military Helicopter crashes in Maryland sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.