On wednesday June 28 we held the first official ANGELS System presentation event at ComoNExT-Innovation Hub, and it was such a proud to us!

The event was intended for the industry, and it was organized with the patronage of Associazione Elicotteristica Italiana (AEI), which represents and supports the interests of italian companies operating in the helicopter sector since 1986. Vice-President Roano Grandi opened the session with an interesting speech on rotorcrafts facilities and infrastructures.

We talked about Horizon2020, including participation requirements and benefits of the Program. Mr Steffen Bechtel, Managing Director at Windpark Heliflight Consulting, informed the participants about Offshore Wind Operations in Germany, how it is done practically and about the specifics in offshore wind, outlining the reasons why a glide slope indication is necessary to approach a helideck inside a wind farm at night, and explaining why the present solution (HAPI) is not satisfactory, and ANGELS System could so represent a viable alternative.

The conference ended with an overview of ANGELS technical features and components, including inputs and outputs of the Ground Station and  operating principles.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming and showing interest in our project.

Stay tuned for further updates.

You can find videos of the event here:




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