First Precision Test

Yesterday, Tuesday 21 March, ANGELS System has undergone the first qualitative precision test, in order to track and evaluate the eventual deviation bands around helicopters moves.

In the park nearby ComoNExt (the technological hub in which PALU is incubated), we placed six bricks to mark the spots of the trajectory and glide path of our hypothetical helicopter; with the support of Blu Electronic, Ennova Research and GRed,we set up the ground station and the receiver, and then we started testing the matching between data represented on ANGELS app and those intercepted by the receiver, making movements and gaps in order to get precise measures of our distance assessment system. 

First results were encouraging, but systematic analysis still have to get done. In the meantime, we put to good use the experiences and the suggestions gained in HAI HELI Expo. 

L’articolo First Precision Test sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.

PALU on the front page

On thursday March 9, ANGELS System was on the front page of HAI Convention News, the industry’s best read and most authoritative news publication: analyst Mark Huber dedicated a large, glowing article to PALU, disclosing our partnership with Freeflight Systems  and highlighting the characteristics and the innovation of ANGELS System.

“ANGELS is a ground-based approach system that uses ADS-B technology to provide precision reduced-visibility VFR approaches tailored to helicopter operations in critical situations, when weather conditions cause visibility to be compromised”, Huber writes.

The day before, PALU held a news conference to present ANGELS System (you can find the stream video of the intervention here); many media representatives attended, asking questions and explanations and showing interest in the theme.

We are proud to confirm our cooperation with Freeflight Systems (Irving) in importing ANGELS technology in the US.

L’articolo PALU on the front page sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.

HELI Expo is over: initial thoughts

HAI HELI Expo is over, and PALU can be satisfied with its efforts to disseminate the safety culture promoted by ANGELS System.

PALU booth was located in the First Time Exhibitor Pavilion area, and this increased the flow of people around, encouraging curiosity about our innovative product.

Many expressions of interest came from the insiders; in particular, ANGELS use of ADS-B technology gave rise to worthwhile comments and proposals about the system, encouraging the debate upon the future of this asset.

The press conference we held about ANGELS also raised the interest of the media: an article explaining PALU history and ANGELS main characteristics was published on the front page of HAI Convention News Magazine on thursday 09 March morning.

The hope is that the useful contacts, suggestions and discussions we collected at the expo will bear fruit in the next months, for which PALU is going to plan some meetings and events in order to spread ANGELS knowledge among the authorities and institutions of the rotorcraft sector.

L’articolo HELI Expo is over: initial thoughts sembra essere il primo su Advanced Next-Generation Landing System.